Teaching Regulations.

Professor Hanus has received the following statement from the Superintendent of the Boston public schools which the School Board has agreed upon as a satisfactory course in pedagogy to be accepted from graduates of colleges in lieu of a year's experience in teaching. The statement is made in response to inquiries that have reached the superintendent from time to time, and is now sent for the information of Harvard students in education.

The course is defined as follows: Subjects--Psychology, logic and educational history--theory and practice. The time spent upon these subjects in College should amount to not less than eight hours a week for one College year. It is considered best to distribute this work through two College years. Each candidate for examination to teach is required to bring a certificate, signed by the professor of pedagogy or other College officer, showing that he has studied the foregoing subjects and has devoted to them an amount of time not less than that required, and expressing an estimate of the quality of the work done by him.