Weld and Newell Clubs to have one Captain and one Undergraduate Manager.

The Athletic Committee has deemed it advisable to place the management of the Weld and Newell Boat Clubs on a basis more in accordance with that of other College sports. It has therefore appointed a committee of three to consider the changes necessary and to report on the same at the next meeting. The committee is composed of J. J. Storrow '85, trustee of the Weld Boat Club; S. L. Fuller '98, graduate manager of athletics, and R. C. Bolling '00, president of the Weld Club.

Without much doubt the changes proposed and adopted will be the abolishment of the offices of the treasurer as they now exist in the clubs and the placing of one captain and one undergraduate manager over the two clubs, who shall be directly responsible to the Athletic Committee. This general supervision, however, will not necessarily interfere with the customary elections of club officers. By thus placing rowing interests on the same footing with those of other branches of athletics it is thought there will be more progress, and less financial trouble than heretofore. Mr. George W. Weld, to whom this plan has been submitted, has approved of this change in the constitution.