Yale Letter.

Promenade week opened at Yale on Monday with informal teas in the afternoon and the class dances in the evening. Of the germans, four were given by the seniors, juniors, sophomores and the Sheffield Scientific students. Before the hour for dancing, however, the glee and banjo clubs gave their thirty-fourth annual promenade concert at the Hyperion Theatre. The junior promenade on Tuesday evening concluded the programme for the week. The hall in which the dance took place was decorated with gold and white stripes draped from the peak of the roof to the side walls, giving the effect of an oval canopy. Fifty boxes surrounded the hall each with about eight occupants.

The appointment of Charles Nichols of the Boston League team, as a professional coach of the baseball team, is a departure from the system which has been in vogue for the past six years. Since 1894 the coaching of the team has devolved entirely upon the graduates of the university.

President and Mrs. Hadley have arrived in New Haven after an extended trip in the West. President Hadley's last address was delivered at the Queen City Club at Cincinnati on Wednesday evening, January 17.

As a result of two weeks training under the coaching of Captain Allen and his assistants, the freshman crew squad has been reduced from one hundred and twenty-three to ninety candidates. These men are now divided into eleven squad whose daily training consists of twenty-minute rowing practice in the tank, a short out-door run and a regular system of work in the gymnasium. Candidates for the upper class crews will be called out next Saturday.

At the recent meeting of the Intercollegiate Gymnastic Association in New York, W.L. Otis '00 was elected to serve as vice-president until the next annual meeting. At this meeting it was decided to add a seventh event to the list already open for intercollegiate competition. It will, however, be of the nature of an exhibition since it will not count towards the championship. In each event, gold, silver, and bronze medals will be given, and a silver cup will be presented to the winners of the extra event. Competitors will be allowed two points for approach to apparatus, two points for finish, three points for form, and three points for excellence. Arrangements were also completed for a dual-gymnastic meet between Yale and Columbia to be held in New Haven on March 2.

The hockey team is especially strong this season, notwithstanding the defeats it has received by several New York associations. The policy of the team has been to meet the strongest combinations in the country and obtain valuable training for the intercollegiate games, and the result was seen last Saturday when Yale defeated Princeton by a score of 11 to 0. The team will probably play Harvard next Saturday, either in Cambridge or in New Haven, as the case may demand. The probable lineup of the Yale team will be: Campbell, Walworth, Sronson, Inman, forwards; Brock, point; Coxe, coverpoint; Smith, goal.