Scrub Football Series

All teams and individuals intending to play in the scrub football series may sign before 9 p. m., Thursday, October 11. The blue-books are still at Leavitt & Peirce's, the Law School, Memorial and Randall Halls, and the CRIMSON office. So far only about fifty or sixty men have signified their intention of playing. To make the initial year of such a promising scheme a success, and to perpetuate the series, more enthusiasm must be shown.

Freshmen who have been dropped from their class squad, and the individual players entered, have been assigned to teams, and temporary captains appointed. The list of teams will be posted at the CRIMSON office at noon Friday. All men are expected to consult and verify it. A meeting of the captains of the teams will be held the first of next week to arrange the schedule, the officials, and any other details that may be necessary.