Tennis Tournament

The matches postponed from yesterday because of the rain are to be played today at the following hours: At 11.30--P. C. Stanwood vs. H. McK. Jones. At 2.30--R. S. Hardy vs. M. G. beaman. At 3.30--R. S. Goodrich vs. A. Pope; W. S. Warland vs. H. P. Williams. At 4--C. R. Stevenson vs. W. G. Clerk; C. L. Cole vs. F. Watson; J. S. Seabury vs. F. C. Hoyt; E. Fischel vs. R. K. Thorndike; T. M. Rotch vs. E. C. Stone; R. Stearns vs. G. O. Suppes; L. E. More vs. L. D. Humphrey. At 4.30--S. L. Beals vs. R. Bishop; H. T. Eaton vs. W. L. Holt; W. G. Quincy vs. E. Leonard; R. O. Burton vs. C. W. Moore.

Winners must leave the scores at the CRIMSON office before 7.30 p. m.