University Meeting

The first University meeting of the year was held last evening in Peabody Hall, Phillips Brooks House. Addresses were given, outlining their respective spheres of work, by representatives of the Student Volunteer Committee, the Christian Association, Prospect Union, St. Paul's Society, the Catholic Club, the Committee on University Meetings, and the Religious Union. In introducing the first speaker, Dean Briggs said in part:

"President Hyde of Bowdoin once said that the years of college life were like a dam, holding back the student at first, but finally sending him out a stronger and better prepared man. While we are waiting, however, it is hard to be contented with quietly receiving benefits and not giving to others. It is this feeling that has caused the Student Volunteer movement; and those who have taken part in the work find that here too they receive while they are giving. One danger there is, that must be always avoided. In their enthusiasm students are apt to devote more time than they can afford to such matters, and by so doing, to defeat their own objects."