Pennsylvania Defeats Chicago.

The University of Pennsylvania easily defeated the University of Chicago at Philadelphia Saturday afternoon by the score of 41 to 0. The Pennsylvania team was in the best possible condition and played almost perfect football. Barring a fumble and two muffed punts by Gilmore, substitute fullback, Pennsylvania did not make a misplay. Chicago could not gain against Pennsylvania's remarkable defense, and in the whole game carried the ball forward less than thirty yards. Pennsylvania, on the other hand, gained consistently on straight football and was never once held for downs. Potter, Hare, and McCracken made several end runs, but most of Pennsylvania's gains were on line plays. The guards back play, executed with great dash and power, was very effective and considerable ground was gained on a revolving mass play which drew in the Chicago ends and then allowed the runner to get free for a run in the open field. Hare kicked a goal from the field and made a goal from every one of the six touchdowns.