A Shoot with Pennsylvania

The Harvard Gun Club has arranged a dual match with a team from the University of Pennsylvania. The shoot will be held on the morning of Nov. 3, the day of the Pennsylvania game, at the grounds of the Boston Athletic Association at Riverside. The teams will be composed of six men, each shooting at fifty birds thrown at unknown angles.

Harvard should have a strong team this year, as there are still in College, besides B. S. Blake '01, who is captain, E. Mallinckrodt, Jr., 1G., W. F. Williams '01, and H. W. Dana 1M., all of whom have shot in intercollegiate matches, and E. W. Leonard '03, who was substitute last year. In addition, a large number of new men have come out this year, of whose ability it is yet too early to form a reliable opinion.

From now on, until the intercollegiate match on Nov. 17, the club will hold three shoots a week instead of two, as before.