Dr. Cameron Fined.

The trial of Dr. C. E. Cameron was concluded last week, when the court passed sentence upon him, Dr. Cameron was arrested on the 15th of last March on the charge of stealing book plates from the Harvard library, and in his trial in June he pleaded guilty. The court deferred sentence in order that Dr. Cameron might have an opportunity to make reparation to the library for its losses. Since June he has paid back to the purchasers the money he received from the sale of the book plates, and these plates together with ninety others which he had kept in his own possession, have been returned to the library. Dr. Cameron has also paid for the rebinding of the books from which the plates were torn and has met the expenses incurred by the University in his arrest and prosecution. Of two charges originally brought against him only the indictment for the theft of the book plates was prosecuted. On this charge the court, in view of the reparation that had been made, sentenced Dr. Cameron not to imprisonment but to the payment of a fine of $150.