Exeter Defeats Andover.

Exeter defeated Andover in the annual game Saturday by a score of 10 to 0. In the series of games between the schools, Andover has now won 11, and Exeter 8. Though at times brilliant, as when Lasley after a double pass swept by Andover's end for thirty-five yards, the playing was uninteresting, and the continual delays from injuries made the progress of the game rather slow. Andover was outplayed in every respect and gained by straight football less than sixty yards in the whole game. Andover's line was slow in defense and could not stop the straight line bucking plays that Exeter adopted throughout the game. Exeter tried but three end plays and infrequently went outside the tackles. Exeter's team played well together, while the Andover team seemed able to rely only on individual efforts.

The line up was as follows: Exeter.  Andover. Rockwell, l. e.  r. e., Matthews. Brill, l. t.  r. t., Coonley. Carr, l. g.  r. g., Kinney. Hooper, c.  c., Chase, Barney. Coonley, Bissell, r. g.  l. g., Weeks. Hogan (captain), r. t.  l. t., Botchford. Lasley, Strassburger, r. e.  l. e., Burke. Connor, q. b.  q. b., Colton, Summer. Preston, l. h. b.  r. h. b., Collins (captain), Owsley. Knibbs, King, r. h. b.  l. h. b., Reeves, Stoddard. Littig, f. b.  f. b., Levine.