Chess Match With Yale Tonight

The Chess match between Harvard and Yale will take place this evening at New Haven in the reading room of Dwight Hall. Each team will consist of ten men, who will be matched in the order of strength. A time limit has been placed of fifteen moves during the first hour and of twenty moves during the second. Mr. St. Clair of the New Haven Chess Club will act as referee.

The Harvard team in the order of their strength is as follows: 1, E. R. Perry '03; 2, C. T. Rice '01; 3, C. F. C. Arens berg '01; 4, A. J. Fotch '01; 5, W. G. Clerk '01; 6, W. Catchings '01; 7, E. W. Baker '04; 8, P. S. Estes '04; 9, R. B. Bowler, Jr., '02; 10, E. R. Davol '02.

The following is the Yale team in order of their strength: 1, A. Austell '02 L.S., 2, J. F. Sawin '04; 3, E. B. Adams '01; 4, H. C. Russ '02; 5, D. E. Breinig '01 S; 6, H. E. Colton '02; 7, C. A. Norton '02; 8, D. F. Sicher '04; 9, C. A. Roberts '02; 10, N. C. Hull '03.