At Brooks Today from 4 to 6.--All Members of the University Invited.

The first Friday Afternoon Tea will be held in the parlor of Brooks House from 4 to 6 o'clock this afternoon. Mrs. Shaler, Mrs. C. H. Smith and Mrs. E. C. Pickering will receive, with other ladies to assist, and it is hoped that most of the professors will be present at one time or another during the afternoon. Every member of the University is cordially invited to attend in an entirely informal way and it should be understood that no especial dress is required. These teas, which will be continued on Friday afternoons during the next three months, are designed to give students an opportunity to meet their instructors in a social way and also some of the wives of the members of the Faculty. It is hoped that men will drop in if they find that they have an opportunity, without necessarily having made any previous preparation.