Boston University Defeated by Superior Presentation and Rebuttal.

A team representing the Senior Senate defeated the William E. Russell Club of Boston University at I aac Rich Hall, Boston, last night. The question was "Resolved, That the United States should use every means to maintain the integrity of the Chinese Empire." Harvard supported the negative and won chiefly by the unusual tactics of forcing her opponents to accept her interpretation of the question. The Harvard speakers, W. T. Foster, D. C. Hirsch, and W. Catchings excelled in analysis of the question and in rebuttal. The Boston University speakers, R. H. Newcomb, I. M. Huggan, and W. H. Dow, Jr., failed to present a consistant case, while their rebuttal was ragged and their form crude. There was far more assertion than proof in the Boston University case, but its principal points were: That the United States should maintain the integrity of China to secure the payment of the Chinese indemnity, and because disruption would be a serious blow to Democracy.

Harvard showed that the preservation of the Chinese empire would mean war for the United States; that a single war would precipitate international war; that the commercial gain was not sufficiently great; and that the United States was under no moral obligation to China.

The judges were: Judge Henry S. Dewey; Rev. Thomas I. Gasson; and Rev. Edward A. Horton. The decision was unanimous. R. W. Sprague '97 has been coaching the seniors.