The Basket Ball Team.

The basket ball team has received official recognition this year for the first time, and will rank as a regular University organization. The candidates were called out in October, and about sixty men handed in their names. These men have been divided into a University and a Freshman squad, and practice in throwing goals and in scrub games has been held in the Gymnasium regularly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

The schedule of games for the year has not been entirely completed. There will, however, be sixteen or eighteen games against Y. M. C. A. and College teams. Plans are being made for games with Williams, Amherst, Cornell, Columbia and possibly Pennsylvania; Harvard will play Yale at New Haven on Jan. 19 and Dartmouth at Hanover on Feb. 2. The first game will be against Salem Y. M. C. A., and will be played in Salem next Tuesday.

The Freshman team will play a series of games with different academy teams, and probably a championship game against the Yale freshmen.

J. K. Clark 2L., who played on the Yale basket ball team, has been elected captain. J. F. Jennings '01 has been elected manager. Besides these two men the following have been retained on the University squad; G. B. Fenwick 1M., J. W. Gillis '02, C. M. Underwood 1G., S. Lehmann '02, J. H. Barnes 2G., R. C. Dorr '04, J. C. Linehan '04, W. L. Nanavan '03, L. C. Moore '02, G. H. Fernald '03, E. H. B. Humphreys '03, H. J. FitzSimmons '03, L. A. Rogers '02, L. L. Bigelow '03, J. R. Wiseman '02, J. T. Doyle '03, E. N. Hunting '03, M. E. Grush '03, C. G. Montross '02, J. H. Brown '03, E. B. Roberts '03, M. V. Taylor 1L.