Debating Notes.

At the final Senior trial last night, the judges chose the following men to rep-recent the class in the debate with the Juniors on March 23: H. S. Bowers, J. Frank, E. E. Sargeant; alternate, O. D. Evans. Following is the Junior team: R. Bishop, W. S. Heilborn, D. C. Hirsch; alternate, W. Catchings. The question to be debated is "Resolved, That for the Philippines a territorial form of government, similar to that of New Mexico, is preferable to that of the English colonial system." The Juniors have chosen the negative side.

The Sophomore debate last night was won by the affirmative, supported by Holmen's camp. The subject for the next debate is: "Resolved, That it is inadvisable to have a system of municipal censorship over theatrical performances."