Deutscher Verein Comedy.

Wichert's farce, "Als Verlobte Empfehlen Sich," was presented at last night's meeting of the Deutscher Verein in Roberts Hall. In spite of a certain stiffness in the acting, the comedy was given very successfully. The cast of characters was as follows: Frau von Grvmbach,  P. G. Robinson '03. Malwina, her daughter,  F. Watson '02. Franz Von Grumbach, Malwina's cousin,  H. J. Davenport '00. Adelheid Hopfstengel, Malwina's governess,  E. B. Ahlborn '02. Andreas Sangerhaus, the steward,  A. N. Fuller '00. Maid,  A. Drinkwater '00.

Franz von Grumbach, in love with his cousin Malwina, is visiting at the country place of his aunt. Finding that the steward and governess are in love with each other but too bashful to admit it, Franz has a newspaper prepared announcing their engagement. This leads to a number of complications and ends in the real engagement of Adelheid and Andreas. In the meantime Franz has succeeded in winning Malwina.

E. B. Ahlborn '02 as the governess easily excelled in pronunciation, delivery, and stage presence. He was quick to take his cue and never required prompting. F. Watson '02 as Malwina was decidedly feminine and seemed fairly well at ease in his part. H. J. Davenport '00, the fun-loving student, and A. N. Fuller '00, the ungrammatical steward, though inclined to be rather stiff at first, seemed to forget themselves later and succeeded in putting a good deal of humor in their parts. P. G. Robinson '03 lacked force. A. Drinkwater '00 carried a small part successfully.

At a business meeting held before the play the following officers were elected for the coming year: President, H. V. Poor '01; vice-president, E. B. Ahlborn '02; secretary, L. G. Brooks '02; treasurer, A. S. Dixey '02; faculty member of executive committee, Professor Schilling; literary committee, A. Sachs '01 and F. Watson '02.