Yale Crew Training.

Yale Alumni Weekly.

The Yale crews began their work on the harbor again April 16, after a rest of four days--a portion of the Easter recess. More than half the training time for the race with Harvard at New London, June 28, has now gone by, and, as the first two boats are beginning to take shape, it is possible to speak more definitely of the material for the final eight.

The plan, outlined when training began in January, to bring out more men for places in the boat, although managed with great care, failed to do all that was expected of it, and the picking of the sixteen best men was an easier matter than it should have been. While not producing any material fit for the first boat, the new plan did give a large number of men the benefit of several weeks' coaching, who being thus interested and helped, may come out next year and go to the front. Both Captain Allen and Dr. Gallaudet feel that the system is on the right lines, however, and that another year's trial will show greater results.

The first and second boats were picked about two weeks ago, and almost every rowing day since that time a new combination has been tried in both of them. In the first boat the only veterans who have rowed regularly were Captain Allen at No. 6 and Wickes, the No. 2 of the crews of 1898 and 1899, who has been tried at various places in the boat, including stroke. Williams, the stroke, and Niedecken, the No. 7 of last year, have both been in the second boat a part of the time. Williams is at present stroking the latter boat. Holt, the bow oar, and Warmoth, the stroke of last year's freshman crew, Williams and Cameron have been tried at stroke in the first boat. Blagden also of the last freshman crew--No. 7--has been at that slide in the first boat for a few days and is doing good work, Niedecken having been moved back to Griswold's place at No. 3. The crew rowed in this order the last day of the term: Bow, Atkinson '01; 2, Cameron '00; 3, Niedecken '00; 4, Wickes '00; 5, Auchincloss '01; 6, Captain Allen '00; stroke, Warmoth '02, a combination averaging somewhat lighter than the usual Yale crew, perhaps 168 pounds. On the same day the second crew rowed as follows: Bow, Minor '00; 2, Mitchell '00; 3, Holt '02; 4, Kunzig '02; 5, Newport '01; 6, Brock '00; 7, Hooker '02; stroke, Williams '00. F. G. Brown '01, is not a candidate for the crew this year, his duties as football captain taking all the time he has to spare. He has been appointed permanent coach of the freshman crew.