Deutscher Verein Play.

A short farce by C. A. Paul entitled "Er muss Tanzen," will be given by the Deutscher Verein, probably on May 8, in Roberts Hall. The cast has been changed and is now as follows: Hauptmann Droll,  H. V. Poor '01. Eduard (his nephew),  G.O.Carpenter '02. Franz Wind,  L. B. Wehle '02. Emma (a servant-girl),  F. W. Peabody '03.

In the story of the play Eduard is very anxious to marry his cousin, but is deterred by the objections of Hauptmann Droll, his uncle, who declares that the girl is much too foolish and found of dancing. Eduard submits to his uncle's decision, at the same time extorting a promise from the old man that if he is ever caught dancing he will give his consent to the marriage. The plot now hinges on the efforts of Eduard, assisted by Emma and Franz, the servants, to make Hauptmann Droll dance. Their object is secured partly by accident. The old man falls into a violent passion, one evening, and soon after eats a large supper and becomes very ill. Franz is sent at once for a doctor, disguises himself as one, and pretends to be deeply interested in the case. He declares that nothing but dancing can effect a cure, and Hauptmann Droll, in trying to follow the doctor's advice, is seen by Eduard and forced to keep his promise.