Y. M. C. A. Library.

Through the gift of a Harvard graduate, the Christian Association has secured a reference library of over 100 volumes. These books are especially intended to cover the work of the following Bible and mission study classes: 1, Life of Christ; 2, Bible History; 3, Old Testament Characters; 4, Gospel of St. John; 5, Modern Apostles in Missionary Byways.

Although the aim of the library is to furnish books for these particular classes, there are a number of general works on theology and ethics. There are also a few collections of the best contemporaneous sermons, including eight volumes of the sermons of Phillips Brooks. The books are for the use of all members of the University, but cannot be taken from Brooks House. In order to give full opportunity for the use of the library, the Christian Association rooms will hereafter be open on Sunday afternoons from 2.30 to 6. The needs of further additions have been recently placed before the graduates and several generous gifts have been received.