The Promenade Concert.

The programme for the first promenade concert at Mechanics' Hall, Thursday, May 10, will be as follows: 1.March, "Under the Double Eagle,"  Wagner. 2.  Waltz, "Meerleuchten,"  Ziehrer. 3.  Overture to "Piccolino."  Guirand. 4.  Ballet Music, "Sylvia,"  Delibes.   a. Les Chasseuresses.   b. Valse Lente.   c. Pizzicati.   d. Finale. 5.  "Kermesse Flamande," from "Milenka,"  Jan Block. (First time). 6.  Waltz, "Vienna Blood,"  Strauss. 7.  Entr'acte Gavotte,  Gillett. (First time). 8.  Overture, "Tannhauser,"  Wagner. 9.  Waltz, "Harlequin's  Wedding."   New.  Zach. 10.  Selection from "The Rounders."  Englander. (First time). 11.  Polka, "Tyrolean,"  Zeller. 12.  March, "Man Behind the Gun,"  Sousa. (First time).