Rowing Yesterday.

So few men responded yesterday to the call for candidates for the club graded crews that only a senior eight rowed from the Newell and at the Weld the afternoon was spent in coaching the men in pair oars. More candidates are expected next week. The order of the Newell senior: Stroke, Gerrish; 7, Swaim; 6, Gale; 5, Randolph; 4, Gregg; 3, L. Jackson; 2, Smith; bow, Bard; cox., E. Jackson.

The Freshman crew used their new shell for the first time yesterday, the men being seated in the following order: Stroke, Roberts; 7, Ayer; 6, Whitwell; 5, Bowditch; 4, McGrew; 3, Graydon; 2, Switzer; bow, Hartwell; cox., Litchfield.

The first crew and substitutes will leave for New London on the evening of June 14, the same day that the University crews leave.