The Promenade Concert.

The programme for the promenade concert at Mechanics' Hall, tonight, will be as follows: 1. March from "The Serenade,"  Herbert. 2. Overture to "Raymond,"  Thomas. 3. Selection from "The Belle of New York,"  Kerker. 4. Waltz, "Snowballs,"  Ziehrer. 5. (a.) Spring Song,  Mendeissohn. (b.) Love's Dream After the Ball,  Czibulka. 6. Selection from "Wizard of the Nile,"  Herbert. 7. Waltz, "Harlequin's Journey,"  Zach. 8. Overture, "Martha,"  Flotow. 9. Waltz, "Violets,"  Waldteufel. 10. Overture, "Pique Dame,"  Suppe. 11. Narcissus,  Nevin. 12. March, "Up the Street,"  Morse.