Report of U. of P.

The annual report of Provost Harrison of the University of Pennsylvania, for the year ending August 31, 1900, has just been published. According to the registration figures 2,673 students, were in attendance--a decrease of 117, caused chiefly by the prolongation of the courses in law, medicine and dentistry, and the increased requirements for admission. The number of instructors was 260.

An important arrangement has been made in the college course, permitting seniors in the college to take at the same time the first year work of the Medical School, and thus to receive a degree in medicine in seven years. Certain courses in finance and economy have been abolished and a new four-year course in Commerce and Industry substituted. A gratifying increase in the proportion of college graduates among the new law students is noted. At present forty per cent are graduates and twenty-one per cent additional have attended college for a longer or shorter period.

The treasurer's report shows that the total receipts for the year were $531,154.39. The aggregate of each contributions since June, 1894, the beginning of the present administration, is $3,335,473.99 exclusive of pledges to the amount of $675,000.