Three Gates Finished.

The erection of the first shipment of ironwork for the new fence was comp eted during the vacation.

The only part of the fence still un finished is the section between the Johnston Gate and the gate of the class of '75, near Dane Hall. The granit base and posts are in place, but only a small part of the iron work has been set up and the construction of the brick panel midway of the distance has been deferred until warmer weather sets in. The finished portions are the gate of '75 and the fences and gates of '74 and '76, in the rear of Holden Chapel and Holworthy H ll, respectively.

On the completion of the unfinished section just mentioned about one fourth of the total circuit of the Yard will have been enclosed. Several other classes have spoken for the privileg of building sections of the fence. It is likely that further construction will be begun in the spring along the south side of the Yard, on Massachusetts Avenue.