Christian Association Address.

Mr. D. Brewer Eddy, in his address last evening to the Christian Association, on "The Opportunity for Students in the Missionary Enterprise," emphasized most strongly the great claim which missionary work must have upon every enlightened man and especially upon college students.

The history of the world, he said, is the history of the broadening of the sense of man's personal responsibility to his fellow beings. From the time of the savage, the world has come to the time when a nation will fight for an oppressed people without the least thought of gain; and will send its ship laden with grain to a starving nation, from whom it has not received, and cannot receive, the least return. All the teachings of Jesus Christ centre about this vital principle of service. The aim of His life was ministering, not being ministered unto.

The principle of common fairness, as well as that of loyalty to Christ, tells us that from those to whom much has been given, much shall be required. It is only selfishness and ignorance which keeps men of our advanced nations from being filled with missionary spirit. It is in ignorance that such statements are urged against missionary enterprises as "it takes a dollar to send a dollar to mission fields." For the truth is that the margin of expense for getting money employed in mission fields is only four per cent; and that a hundred dollars given here, on account of the difference in money and in prices, is worth from three to ten hundred dollars in India and China.

To college men, more than to any others, comes the call to help their benighted fellow men through missionary work, because to them the greatest opportunities have been given, and because they are the best fitted by their learning, culture and ability, to meet the different problems which face the missionary.