Special Issues of Crimson with Records of Harvard-Yale Contests.

Under the five-year athletic agreement with Yale which runs out this winter, Harvard has won a majority of the games in football, baseball and track athletics, but has lost the series in rowing. This week the CRIMSON will issue a series of special numbers containing complete records of all contests with Yale, cuts of the winning teams, and critical reviews written by graduates who have been prominent in athletics.

The CRIMSON tomorrow will contain articles on rowing by E. C. Storrow '89 and F. L. Higginson Jr., '00, a cut of the 1899 crew, and a complete summary of the boat races for the past five years. The football number, to be issued Wednesday, will contain besides the cuts and records, articles by W. C. Forbes '92 and B. H. Dibblee '99. On Thursday a review of track athletics by J. W. Hallowell '01 will appear, and on Friday the baseball series will be discussed by Dr. E. H. Nichols '86 and W. T. Reid '01.

Following is a brief summary of contests with Yale during the past five years:


1897.--At Poughkeepsie, June 25: Cornell won in 20 minutes 34 seconds; Yale second, three lengths behind Cornell; Harvard third, five lengths behind Yale.

1898.--At New London, June 23: Cornell won in 23 minutes 48 seconds; Yale second four lengths behind Cornell; Harvard third, twelve lengths behind Yale.

1899.--At New London, June 29: Harvard, 20 minutes 52 1-2 seconds; Yale, 21 minutes 13 seconds.

1900.--At New London, June 28: Yale, 21 minutes 13 seconds; Harvard, 21 minutes 37 seconds.

1901.--At New London, June 27: Yale, 23 minutes 37 seconds; Harvard, 23 minutes 45 seconds.


1897.--At Cambridge, November 13: Harvard 0, Yale 0.

1898.--At New Haven, November 19: Harvard 17, Yale 0.

1899.--At Cambridge, November 18: Harvard 0, Yale 0.

1900.--At New Haven, November 24: Yale 28, Harvard 0.

1901.--At Cambridge, November 23: Harvard 22, Yale 0.