International Chess Match.

The third annual chess match by cable between Oxford and Cambridge on one side, and Harvard, Columbia, Yale and Princeton on the other, will take place on Friday and Saturday of this week. The American team will play in the rooms of the Knickerbocker Athletic Association of New York City, and the English team at the British Chess Club in London. The games will be played from 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. and from 3 p. m. to 6 p. m., the number of moves per hour being limited to twenty. The English team is made up of the following men: G. H. Ellis (O), H. Lane (O), H. F. Davidson (O) or F. A. Babcock (O), C. C. Wiles (C), G. E. Colman (C), J. E. Wright (C); substitutes -- F. W. Clark (C), H. A. Webb (C). The following is the probable order in which the American team will play: E. R. Perry '03 (H), K. G. Falk '01 (C), C. T. Rice '01 (H), F. H. Sewall '02 (C), J. B. Hunt '02, (P), J. F. Sawin '04 (Y).

S. H. Chadwick, Secretary of the Brooklyn Chess Club, will act as umpire in New York for the English team, and Dr. Leopold Hoffer in London for the American team.

The Commercial Cable Company will transmit all messages between the two teams by special telegraphic connection.