Award of Prizes.

At the last meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences the following prizes were awarded:

The Ricardo Prize Scholarship, of $350, to R. G. Usher '01; the Sohier Prize, $250, to C. M. Underwood, 1G., for the thesis entitled "A Comparison between the Critical Methods of Sainte Beuve and Taine"; the Phillip Washburn Prize, of $75, to M. J. Kling '01, for the essay entitled "The Genesis of the Public Land System of the United States"; the Bennett Prize, of $40, to R. E. Goodwin '01 for the essay entitled "American Shipping and Shipping Subsidies"; the Sales Prize, of $45, to A. E. Goddard '02, for the translation of a passage from Archbishop Trench's "Calderon"; the Bowdoin Undergraduate Prize in Latin, of $50, to A. H. Rice '01; the Bowdoin Graduate Prize in Latin, of $100, to F. W. Doherty 1G.