Whist Tournament Entires.

The entries for the whist tournament closed last night. The thirteen couples which have entered will be divided into three sections, each couple playing every other pair in the section. The best two teams in each section will enter the semi-finals and the two couples winning the greatest percentage of victories in that round will compete in the finals for the tournament cup. All games in the first round must be finished and results handed in to S. Daggett, Holyoke 17, by February 15. The drawings are as follows:

Section I--S. I. Hyman 3L. and A. S. Friend 3L., J. L. Stone '04 and H. C. Davidson '04, C. M. Ambrose '02 and B. A. Hollister '02, P. L. Whiting '05 and M. Collingwood '05.

Section II--N. A. Wharfield '05 and R. L. Potts '05, C. W. Stark '03 and L. H. Thibault '05, S. Daggett '03 and A. E. Ells '02, R. G. Whittet '04 and J. C. Scammel '04.

Section III--C. W. Barry '03 and J. M. DeWolfe '04, O. S. Bryant 3L. and M. G. Beaman 3L., C. F. Lovejoy '04 and A. S. Newhall '05, A. C. England 3M. and L. Wertheimer '02, C. M. Pratt 2L. and J. L. Bergstresser.