Department of Education.

The Department of Education has recently moved into its new quarters on the second floor of the right wing of Lawrence Hall. The chief features of the change are two large rooms in which have been placed two libraries of the department, one of which is made available for the first time and the other of which is entirely new. The first of these is a library of over four thousand text books and works of reference from schools of all grades. They have been given to the department by various publishers throughout the country, and comprise nearly all modern school books in use in the United States. The library will constantly be kept up to date by new donations and revisions. It will be open for the use of teachers on Saturdays, when an attendant will be in charge, and during the week will be used by advanced students in the educational department. It will also be open for the use of teachers who study in the Summer School.

The other library is a working collection on Education. It comprises about 800 volumes, which were bought with money raised by a committee for the purpose. It will be open to students in the educational department, and on certain occasions, to teachers.

There are four other rooms on the floor. One will be used as an office, another for the seminary of education, and the two remaining rooms have been thrown together to form a lecture room, in which the courses in Education will be given. In the wing at the rear of the hall an exhibition of school supplies is to be established.