Lecture by Dr. Reisner.

Dr. George A. Reisner '89 will deliver an illustrated lecture in the Fogg Lecture Room at 8 o'clock tonight on the "Excavations and Discoveries of the Hearst Egyptian Expedition, 1899-1902." The lecture will be open to the public.

Dr. Reisner is the director of the Hearst Expedition, and, assisted by A. M. Lythgoe '92, has been excavating in Upper Egypt for the past three years with most gratifying results. By the generous law in Egypt half of what is found, and often more than half, goes to the explorer, the other half being reserved for the National Museum at Cairo. Dr. Reisner's part of the findings comes to America, the expenses of the expedition being borne by Mrs. Phoebe Hearst, in the interest of the University of California. Thus the West is to have an Egyptian collection of great importance, one that is indeed in one respect superior to those of Paris, London and Cairo. While it does not contain such treasures of sculpture as the European collections, the history of each discovery is preserved in a complete photographic record. The work covers all periods of Egyptian history, and the discoveries from the archaie and pre historic times have been particularly rich. This is the period with which the lecture tonight will specially deal. Dr. Reisner has been spending some weeks lecturing at the University of California and is now on the eve of departure to take up his work in Egypt again.