The Result Very Doubtful.--Light Work Yesterday for the Squad.

Harvard will play Brown on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 3 o'clock in what promises to be one of the hardest games of the season. The Brown team is the strongest that has represented that university in a number of years, and has already shown its ability by holding Yale down to 10 points, and by defeating Pennsylvania a week ago by the score of 15 to 6. The only team played by both Harvard and Brown this year is Wesleyan which was defeated by Brown, 5 to 0, and by Harvard, 35 to 5. These games are obviously an unfair basis for comparison, however, as the former was played while the Brown team was in the earliest stages of development.

A line without fight, not over-reliable ends, easily-broken interference, and unsteady backs are not the elements which compose a successful eleven, yet some-how the team with its many weaknesses. has managed to win all its games so far from much lighter opponents. Slow spasmodic progress has made the present strength of the team a trifle uncertain, but at no time has the eleven displayed any abilities that would justify confidence in its success when matched against an opponent of more than average weight or experience. Both these latter qualities are components of the Brown team, and added to them are unusually capable players in the tackle and backfield positions. The line-up of the Harvard eleven for today is not definitely decided and is subject to change, but as it stands now several of the regular men will not play. Knowlton's place will be taken by Mills, and Clark will be substituted for Jones who is laid up by a muscle injury. Graydon and Bowditch are lame but will nevertheless be in the game.

The probable line-ups follow: HARVARD.  BROWN. Clark, l. e.  r. e., Russ, Hascall Wright, l. t.  r. t., Sheehan A. Marshall, l. g.  r. g., Cobb King, c.  c., Colter Barnard, r. g.  l. g., Shaw Mills, r. t.  l. t., Webb Bowditch, r. e.  l. e., Schwinn C. Marshall, q. b.  q. b., Crowell, Scudder Kernan, l. h. b.  r. h. b., Lynch, Chase Hurley, r. h. b.  l. h. b, Barry Graydon, f. b.  f. b., Hamilton

The work of the University eleven yesterday was very light and consisted merely of a short punting and signal practice. Afterwards the substitutes and second team men had a brief line-up against the Climbers, a scrub team, and scored one touchdown.