Between H. C. Egan '05 and McFarland Hollins and W. E. Egan Defeated.

MORRISTOWN, N. J., October 24.--In the play for the intercollegiate golf championship today H. C. Egan '05 and H. B. McFarland of Pennsylvania, the runner-up last spring, qualified for the final round, which will be played tomorrow.

In the second round, which was played this morning, Hollins (H) easily beat Baker (P), 4 up and 3 to play; W. E. Egan (H) beat Conklin (P), 1 up, in an exciting match; H. C. Egan (H) beat Campell (Y), 7 up and 6 to play; McFarland (Pa) beat Pyne (P), 2 up and 1 to play.

The matches in the semi-final round were played this afternoon, and were very close and exciting. H. C. Egan beat W. E. Egan, 2 up. The match was extremely close up to the 16th hole, where H. C. Egan tied the score and then won the last two. The Hollins-McFarland match was very spectacular, and was the first match in the individual play to come out all square. Hollins won the first two holes in threes and kept this lead until McFarland captured the fifth and tenth holes, making the score even. After driving out of bounds on the eleventh, Hollins holed out in six, having the hole with his opponent. By making only one putt on each green he won the twelfth and thirteenth, then tied the fourteenth, but lost the fifteenth. With one hole to the good and three to play, the sixteenth hole was halved in four, and the seventeenth in three. Hollins only needed to halve the eighteenth to win the match, but he took three putts and lost the hole. The extra nineteenth hole was badly played by both men, but McFarland won it in five.