Chess Club Tournaments.

More interest is being evinced in chess this year than has been shown for some years. Forty-one men have entered the tournament now being held by the Chess Club to select men for the various matches of the year. The four men doing, the best work in this tournament will play the men who composed the 1901 University chess team to decide the personnel of the team which will meet Yale, Columbia, and Princeton in the intercollegiate tournament which will take place during the Christmas recess. The ten best men in the tournament will make up the team which competes with Yale at New Haven the night before the Harvard-Yale football game.

The club will select a team of six men to play in the Metropolitan Chess League, composed of teams from the Boston Chess Club, Young Men's Christian Union, Dorchester Club, Boston Athletic Association, and the Boston Press Club. The league will hold a round robin tournament between the different teams, and the championship will be awarded the club winning the greatest number of victories.