Stillman Infirmary Notice.

Several inquiries have been made as to whether it is desirable that those members of the University should assume the Infirmary charge of four dollars whose homes are so near by as to make it improbable that they would ever use the Infirmary. In answer to such inquiries the CRIMSON is authorized to state that all members of the university who feel interested in seeing the Infirmary well started this year are invited to participate in the insurance plan, by registering their names in the prescribed form at the Bursar's office. It is to be remembered, also, that although the immediate interest of some members of the University is more remote than that of others, there are easily conceivable circumstances under which the Infirmary through its convenient location and unsurpassed equipment would render service, the lack of which could not possibly be supplied elsewhere. Several of such cases are on record.

There are two objects immediately in view in this year's administration of the Infirmary, one of which is the discovery of the best way of making it pay its expenses. The other and more important object, however, is to start the Infirmary on its actual service to sick members of the University, and to gain from the year's experience a practical idea of its working needs, on which, after all, the financial plan must ultimately be based. It is important, therefore, that the registration under the four-dollar plan should be up to the minimum number of two thousand necessary to place the facilities of the Infirmary this year at the command of every member of the University.