Banjo Club Election.

At a meeting of the Banjo Club held last night the following men were elected members: F. B. Ely '04, J. E. Gardner '04. F. H. Poor '03 was elected secretary in place of H. B. Wells '03, resigned.

At the trials held last night and Wednesday night the following men were retained for further trial: Banjeaurines--E. P. Rowe '05, H. W. Paine '06, W. Williams '06; banjos--F. M. Von Schreder '06, J. C. Foss '06, S. Titcomb '06, H. B. Sawyer '06, H. Williams '06; guitars--R. W. Beach '06, H. E. Rowley '06, T. Sheldon '05, C. J. Stearns '05; mandolas--E. Fischel '04, R. T. Holt '04.