The University Coal Supply.

By recent contract the University has secured about 500 tons of soft coal and has 50 tons of hard coal left over from last year. The outlook for further supply is practically the same as that of any other corporation using a large amount of fuel. One of the largest coal companies in Boston, however, has assured those in charge of the College supply that they will not be allowed to run short. No difficulty has been met with in burning bituminous coal in the grates which heretofore have been used entirely for anthracite. With care the present supply will last until about the first of December. Financially, the situation, from the University standpoint, is not very serious as the price of bituminous coal is very little higher than that which has been paid for hard coal. As the supply of Franklin coal is practically exhausted Cannel will have to be used in students' rooms in the College dormitories and considerable inconvenience may result from the dust occasioned by it.

At the Union there is a supply of hard coal which will probably last a week or so. The management has arranged for enough soft coal to meet the demands of cooking and heating until about November first.