Sophomores vs. Freshmen.

The Sophomores will play the Freshmen in the second game of the interclass series on Soldiers Field at 4 o'clock this afternoon. The winner of this game will play the Seniors for the class championship probably on Thursday.

The Freshman team will go into the game with a number of substitutes, as Carrick and Montgomery have been taken for the University squad, and several men are laid off with injuries. The exact line-up of the team has therefore not yet been decided upou. The Sophomores will play as follows: r.e., G. Brooks; r.t., Gring; r.g., Joy; c., Derby; l.g., A. Brooks; l.t., Webster; l.e., Rowley; q.b., Tilden; l.h.b., Dall; r.h.b., Bunting; f.b., Robeson.