Sophomore-Freshman Debate Trials.

The final trials for the Sophomore and Freshman class debating teams will be held at 7 o'clock this evening. The Sophomore trials will be held in Harvard 6 and the Freshman trials in Sever 11. Each class team will be composed of three men chosen from the six retained by each class from last Monday evening's trials. These men have been divided into teams which will uphold the opposing sides of the question as in a regular debate. The question for debate will be that submitted by the Sophomores to the Freshmen for the interclass debate, as follows: "Resolved, That the attitude of the United States as defined by the Monroe doctrine with regard to the territory in the Western Hemisphere should be continued."

Following are the men retained from the preliminary trials, with the sides on which they will speak this evening: Sophomores--affirmative--R. P. Dietzman, I. I. Mattuck, F. E. Nagle; negative--J. F. Dore, W. O. Hubbard, G. G. Smith. Freshmen--affirmative--G. W. Thayer, W. W. Corlett, A. E. Wood; negative--J. W. Plaisted, H. A. Hirshberg, H. A. Bellows.