Social Service Conference

At the first conference of the Social Service Committee, held in the parlor of the Phillips Brooks House last night, the principal speakers were Rev. Floyd W. Tomkins and Robert Treat Paine, President of the Boston Associated Charities.

Dr. Tompkins was the first speaker. He said in part: The social problems cannot be solved except by men who have made them a part of their education and experience. To amount to anything in the world, the educated man must have a strong and healthy interest in the affairs of other men. Mr. Paine, the second speaker, spoke upon the appeal which the needs of the poor in the great cities should make upon the interest of all intelligent men; Harvard men ought to feel what the darker side of life is. Alms are not the whole of charity. Successful charity must do four things: relieve worthy need, prevent unwise alms to the unworthy, raise, where possible, every needy person into independence, and make sure that no child grows to be a pauper.

M. Hale '03, A. B. Parson '03, G. R. Taylor '03, and G. E. Huggins '01, spoke briefly of the different branches of the work undertaken by the committee.