West Point, 22; Annapolis, 8.

The West Point football eleven defeated Annapolis on Franklin Field, Philadelphia, Saturday, by the score of 22 to 8. West Point's well executed tackle-back plays gained consistently through Annapolis' weaker line, and after a long series of short rushes, Bunker made one touchdown in the first half, and two in the second. West Point's other score was made in the first half by Hackett, who, with brilliant interference by Daly, ran back a punt through the entire Annapolis team. Annapolis scored twice: once on a safety, when Daly was downed behind his own line while trying to run back a try for a drop goal; once, on a 60 yard run by Strassburger, followed by Belknap's goal. On the Army team, Bunker played a remarkably strong offensive game; Daly was effective in the interference, and punted excellently. For the Navy, Strassburger proved to be the most reliable ground gainer, and made a number of good advances.