Swimming Teams.

The following men have been retained for both the swimming and relay teams: D. James '03, L. D. Somers '03, A. G. McAvity '03, G. R. Ainsworth '03, P. Fox '03, E. George '03, C. G. Dodge '04, R. Fuller '04, E. O. Hall '04, D. Wagstaff '05, P. A. Proal '05, T. S. Hall '05, W. T. Harrison '05, C. E. Hooper '05.

The following have been retained for the polo team: G. R. Lewis '02, H. W. Godfrey '02, F. E. Cunningham '05, A. Brooks '05, R. D. Skelly '05, C. W. Chase '05.

The men who have been retained together with those who have not yet had a trial, will report tonight at 9, at the Dunster Swimming Tank.