Golf Notice.

Permission has been obtained for the men named below to play at Oakley until the intercollegiate tournament, exclusive of Saturday afternoons, upon the payment of $10 each, which should be made to the caddy master before playing. Membership tickets may be obtained at Leavitt's. The men are: Thornton, Tuckerman, Tilden, Burnett, Lapham, Gooding, R. E. Daniels, R. Sedgwick, H. R. Sedgwick, M. Richards. The following candidates are expected to practice at the clubs to which they already belong: W. E. Egan, Appleton, Chick, Hutchins, R. H. Daniels, Pulsiver, Thurston, Gourlie, Thacher.

Regular practice will begin this afternoon. At the end of the week each man should hand in four attested cards.