The Freshman Crew.

The Freshman crew work is rather encouraging, and both eights are showing a gradual improvement. Neither crew is well together yet, and consequently the boats are unsteady; but as the orders are rarely changed this difficulty should soon be overcome. The first eight is considerably heavier than is usual with Freshman crews, and individually the men seem to get a strong drive; but they fail to work together, and no marked effects are yet apparent. The men have partially overcome their greatest fault of rushing, but the slides are not yet as well under control as they should be. At present, the crews are having their chief difficulty in training the blades close to the water at full reach and getting a quick turn-over.

The first eight is clearly superior in form as well as speed to the second, and in every brush between the crews, the first gains rapidly. On Saturday the two eights went over the two-mile course, starting with the race of the lower graded crews. When the graded crews finished at the mile and a half mark, the first Freshman and the first Weld graded, which started with them, were over five lengths ahead of the lower graded crews; and at the end of the two miles, the first Freshman led the first Weld graded by a length of open water.