Freshman Crew Arrives.--Four-Oar Goes Over the Course.

RED Top, June 13.--The weather here today was clear but the water was rough. The University crew rowed down-stream for half a mile in short stretches, the rough water making the boat unsteady. The crew then rowed two long stretches and put back into the float, Shuebruk having to take an examination. Later the four-oar was coached by Mr. Higginson, Gregg and Derby alternating at two. Mr. E. C. Storrow reached the quarters in the afternoon and the Freshman crew with Coach Blake arrived in the launch from New London. They did no rowing as their shells had not arrived. Later in the afternoon, the four-oar, Derby rowing at two, went over the course, followed by the launch with Mr. Higginson and Mr. Storrow. The water was rough, but the boat was steadier than in the morning. The time was 13m., 20s. After picking up the four-oar and towing it back to quarters, the launch followed the University crew, which had been rowing up-stream over two half-mile stretches. The men then went back to quarters.