The Pop Concert.

Following is the programme of the Pop Concert at Symphony Hall tonight: 1.March, "Under the Double Eagle,"  Wagner 2.  Overture, "Banditenstreiche",  Suppe 3.  Waltz, "La Vague,"  Metra 4.  Selection, "Tabasco,"  Chadwick 5.  March, "Queen of Sheba,"  Gounod 6.  a. Abendrot, for String Orchestra,  Strube   b. Canzonetta, for String Orchestra,  Strube 7.  Waltz, "O schoner Mai,"  Strauss 8.  Overture, Martha,"  Flotow 9.  Selection, "Fencing Master,"  De Koven 10.  a. Spring Song,  Mendelssohn   b. Flirtation,  Steck 11.  Husarenritt,  Spindler 12.  March, "Pro Patria,"  Millocker