Senior Spread Tonight.

The Senior Spread will be held this evening in Memorial Hall. The space around the Statue, inside the stands, will be illuminated by Japanese lanterns, and two hundred tables will be placed there. Refreshments will be served on the Delta, and during the ninth, tenth, thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth dances the Mandolin Club will play outside. An orchestra of 40 pieces will furnish music for the dancing.

The dance will begin shortly after 8 and last until 1. All the extras there is time for will be put in between the fifteenth and the sixteenth dances. Extra dance orders and admission tickets may be obtained at the H. A. A. office today between 2 and 3. Two or three tables will also be on sale at this time.

Admission to the Hall this evening will be at the south door for pedestrians and at the north door for carriages.