East Cambridge Settlement.

On April 1 the Harvard House in East Cambridge, which was founded last year and called the Harvard Free Library, became in reality a settlement. The library of the organization still remains the chief feature, but all of the branches together have taken the nature of a regular college settlement. The funds needed for carrying on the work have come from undergraduates and alumni.

Tomorrow afternoon at 4.30 o'clock the activities of the year will close with a tea given at the Harvard House by several of the wives of the Faculty to the ladies of the district.

The schedule of the workers in the East Cambridge library has been as follows: Tuesdays--W. S. Goodnow '05, W. I. Nottage '04, R. K. Conant '05, T. S. Hall '05; Thursdays--E. O. Hall '04, S. T. Hobbs '03, A. J. Hammerslough '03, A. King '03; Saturdays--A. Derby '03, S. Whitaker '03, G. H. Fernald '03, R. A. Dean '03. Following is a list of the clubs and their leaders: Boy's Clubs--Natural History, T. M. Fitzpatrick '04; Dramatic, P. B. Olney '03; Social (Monday), A. Derby '03 and R. A. Dean '03; Military, R. R. Leaycraft '05 and R. A. Derby '05; Gymnasium, R. Abercrombie '03 and D. Gregg '02; Social (Thursday), M. H. Urner '02; Chair Caning, W. Lewis '05; Physics Club, A. Forbes '04; Astronomy, C. M. Olmstead '03. Men's Club--Political, F. R. Cope 1G. and C. Ehlemann '05. Girls' Clubs--Sewing (Wednesday), Mrs. M. H. Morgan; Sewing (Friday), Mrs. B. L. Robinson and Mrs. E. L. Wambaugh; Sewing (Friday), Mrs. G. W. Cram; Seed Distributing, Mrs. Cannon.

The following men have been residents in East Cambridge at intervals since March 30: M. H. Urner '02, A. B. Parson '03, E. C. Leaycraft '02, R. Abercrombie '03, A. Forbes '04, K. C. McArthur '03, C. W. Gilkey '03.

The Harvard House Committee is as follows: R. Abercrombie '03, chairman; R. R. Alexander '04, superintendent; C. W. Gilkey '03, head resident; F. R. Cope 1G., chairman of the educational department; K. H. Touret '97, chairman of the boys' club; G. B. Fernald '03, librarian; E. C. Stern 1L., chairman of the house committee.