Co-operative Organization.

The Associates of the Harvard Co-operative Society, consisting of the stock-holders, directors and officers, will hold their first meeting in 4 University Hall at 4 o'clock this afternoon, for the purpose of organizing as a corporation by adopting by-laws and electing officers. The purpose of the corporation, as stated in its charter, is to deal in general merchandise, and to carry on the business of a department store.

The by-laws to be adopted are much like those of the Society before its incorporation, except for the creation of the office of Treasurer with full power of supervision over the finances of the Society, and an increase in the powers of the Superintendent. The following officers elected at the annual meeting of the Society on December 10, will be formally re-elected: President, C. H. Ayres; secretary, Professor J. H. Gardiner; treasurer, William M. McInnes.