Meetings of Learned Societies.

The fifty-second annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science was held at Columbian University in Washington during the week from December 27 to January 3. Hon. Carroll D. Wright, who was elected president of the Association in place of Professor Asaph Hall, U. S. N., retired, spoke on "The Psychology of the Labor Question." The following Harvard men read papers: Professor F. H. Bigelow '73, of the United States Weather Bureau, on "The Semi-Diurnal Periods in the Earth's Atmosphere;" and Dr. H. W. Wiley '73, on "The Nature of the Work of the Bureau of Chemistry, Department of Agriculture."

On December 29 the American Chemical Society, one of the largest bodies affiliated with the American Society for the Advancement of Science, held its first business meeting and election of officers. The principal address was made by Dr. E. A. De Scweinitz chief of the biochemic division of the Department of Agriculture.

Professor J. E. Wolff '79, of the geological department of the University, was elected to the council of the Geological Society of America at its annual meeting at Washington on December 29.

The Archaeological Institute of America met during Convocation Week at Princeton on December 31 and January 1 and 2. President Wilson of Princeton delivered the opening address, and Professor W. H. Goodwin '51 spoke on "A Recent Visit to Greek Lands." Professor C. B. Gulick '90 and Professor G. F. Moore also read papers.

At the annual meeting of the American Mathematical Society at Columbia University on December 29 and 30 papers on mathematical subjects were presented by Dr. E. V. Huntington '95, Professor W. F. Osgood '86 and Professor Bocher '88. Professor Osgood was elected a vice-president of the society.

The Modern Language Association of America held its twentieth annual meeting at Baltimore on December 29, 30 and 31. Professor C. H. Grandgent '83, president of the Association, delivered the principal address, and papers were read by Professor E. S. Sheldon '72 and C. F. Brown 3G.

Professor Hugo Munsterberg represented Harvard at the meeting of the American Society of Naturalists held in Washington on December 30 and 31.